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MFO Team

Mark Rottman - CEO

Mark is a seasoned executive leader and entrepreneur with over 30 years of global management experience. He currently serves as CEO of iCell and was previously an executive at GE Water. Mark has launched several greenfield development projects in waste-to-value, recycle and feed ingredient production. He has been involved in all areas of water project development: design, construction, the leadership of sales, operations, and finance teams. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from S. Illinois University.

Paul Langley - CFO

Paul is an experienced international investor who finished his decade in banking as a VP at JPMorgan, having worked in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Following this he spent 10yrs as a Hedge Fund manager based in London and California. Most recently he has been a board member and CFO of an Educational Technology company.

Paul holds a degree in Economics and History from The University of Leeds.

Nico Falke - Director of Aquaculture

Nico will be responsible for iCell Aqua’s production operations and fish husbandry practices. Nico’s aquaculture experience spans 30-years, where he has built and managed marine and freshwater aquaculture systems around the world, including tilapia in the Philippines, shrimp in Australia, and Koi in Israel. Nico has designed and managed various eel farms in Holland for Bilund Aquaculture and is currently designing a state-of-the-art 3,000 mt eel facility in China. Nico holds a Master’s degree in Aquaculture from the University of Wageningen, Holland, with a specialization in larval rearing and water treatment in recirculating systems.

Kit Munday - Founder MFO

Kit is an aquaculture entrepreneur and investor, having dedicated the last eight years to build his knowledge and relationships across the value chain, including biology, technology, customers, suppliers, and investors with a particular focus on Freshwater Eel. Previously, he was a Portfolio Manager for Nomura Securities and a founding partner of Grant Capital Partners, where he gained global investment experience, working for 20+years in London, New York, Tokyo, and California. Kit holds a MBA from Columbia University.

Seth Terry - Inventor iCell Process

Seth is an entrepreneur and scientist with over 25-years of water and waste systems experience, holding numerous patents in the field. Together with long-time collaborator Andrew Logan, Seth co-invented the iCell process and co-founded Nutrinsic to commercialize iCell for use on wastewater from industrial food processes. Nutrinsic was bought out by iCell, an affiliate company of Gentech Group, a $500m food and feed additives company based in Shanghai.  Seth will support iCell Aqua with ongoing guidance on the iCell conversion process. He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the Colorado School of Mines and a Master’s of Business Administration from Regis University.

Geoff Grant - Board Member and Advisor

Geoff is a Wall Street veteran with 23 years at Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, then 6 years at his own firm, Grant Capital. He finished his public company work as a retired former partner at Goldman Sachs. He has been actively involved with the development of the eel aquaculture project since its inception in 2017, including being a financial investor and contributor.

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