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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems(RAS)

RAS uses mechanical and biological filters to clean and recirculate 99% of system water every 30 minutes. Clean water, high quality feed and biosecurity produces a superior quality fish without the use of antibiotics or pesticides. ​

RAS diagram.png

MFO - Fully Circular Aquaculture

Wastewater from a seafood or food processor is separated & pumped into a microbial fermentation tank where the iCell process begins.

In the microbial fermentation tank, cultured bacteria is oxygenated and used to digest the organic waste in the wastewater, separating the freshwater from the waste. This is a patented process.

The bacteria is then fed additional micronutrients, producing a high-quality Single Cell Protein (SCP). The SCP is dried and can now be transported to terrestrial and aqua feed manufacturers.

Recycled fresh water goes through an additional polishing step to remove any remaining nitrates and be re-oxygenated. After this step, water is ”well water” quality.

Fresh water is fed into the RAS facility for aquaculture. Any excess recycled water can be returned to the food processing facility for reuse, reducing the amount of fresh water drawn from other sources

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